Unleash the Power of Stunning Visuals

Elevate your LED displays with our exclusive Pixel LED Effects Pack, compatible with Led Edit 2014 and beyond. Experience unparalleled patterns, vibrant color transitions, and mesmerizing animations that transform your projects.

Why Choose Our LED Effects?

Unlock the full potential of your LED displays with our Pixel LED Effects SWF Pack. This comprehensive collection includes high-quality effects in SWF, AVI, and other formats, ready to elevate your LED projects and create unforgettable experiences.

In addition to compatibility with Led Edit 2014+, our effects are seamlessly integrated with a wide range of LED programming software, including Madrix, Jinx! LED Control, and others that accept video file inputs. This ensures that our pack is versatile enough to suit a variety of professional and hobbyist needs.

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What's Included?

  • Extensive collection of LED effects in SWF, AVI, and more formats
  • Compatible with Led Edit 2014+, Madrix, Jinx! LED Control, and other leading LED programming software
  • Easy integration & customization with intuitive user controls
  • Designed for professionals and hobbyists seeking innovative and versatile LED display solutions
  • Immediate access after secure checkout through Gumroad
  • Regular updates and new effects added to the pack
  • Get started now and make your LED projects shine like never before
  • Key Features & Benefits

    Seamless Software Integration

    Our effects pack is designed for flawless compatibility with software like Led Edit 2014+, Madrix, Jinx! LED Control, and more, ensuring smooth integration into your projects.

    Wide Format Support

    Offering effects in multiple formats such as SWF and AVI, our pack provides the flexibility to work across various platforms and devices.

    High Visual Impact

    Create captivating and engaging experiences with high-quality, dynamic visual effects that make your LED displays stand out.

    Versatility & Innovation

    Our pack is perfect for both professional show creators and hobbyists, offering innovative solutions to elevate any LED display project.