Create Led Effects for your Led Controller

Our Animations are in SWF format! You can use it with your Pixel Led Software!

Adobe Flash SWF

Our animations are in SWF format, so you can control the speed of animation in LedEdit.

Great Colors

Perfectly matching colors and their brightness make your business stand out!

Unique Animations

Unique Animations are only available from us! Get the most out of your led controller! Why overpay!

LedEdit – Pixel Led Software

SWF Animations

FLASH animations are recommended for more advanced users. If you already have your own layout and want to add new effects for Pixel LED, check out our SWF animation shop!

LED Programming

Led programming service. From the creation of the connections and layout of the led to unique animations adjusted to your requirements! Almost anything is possible!
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LED Layout
SD Card Lededit 2018 2019 New Software Programmable LED Strip Controller K 1000c SWF-ANIMATIONS

SD Cards with Effects Plug & Play

Ready-made animations in the .LED form!
UNIVERSAL programs for pixel led controllers!
Just upload our file to the SD card attached to the LED controller and you’re done! Enjoy great effects in just 5 minutes!