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Here, a brief overview of the software that is suitable for LED projects. Since it is PC-based software, an online connection is usually required.

Generally, there are different approaches to making this connection. Some controllers come with software, mostly proprietary as it is tailored to the specific controller. In the other case, standard protocols are used to transfer data to the hardware. In most cases, this will be DMX. There are many end devices that “understand” this protocol and send data to the Matrix.

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What are RGB digital LEDs?

One answer is LEDs that can be individually controlled with a small number of wires (regardless of the number of LEDs). These LEDs often come in the form of an LED strip or panel, but they can also be individual LEDs connected in a row with a cable between them.

An LED strip is just a row of LEDs, often with an adhesive on one side like tape. Along the strip are either three or four electrical wires, depending on the type. Three of these wires are power voltage, ground, and data signal. On some types of LED strips the clock signal is also the fourth wire. These synchronous LED strips with a dedicated clock signal are considered more robust than the asynchronous ones with only three wires.

There are many types of LED strips. Some of them are WS2811/WS2812 and their related versions.

One very convenient feature of this type of LED strip is that you can simply cut the strip to any length you want. Just order a large roll of LED strip and cut off what you need for your gadget.

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