Multicolour RGB vs Fullcolour RGB+W full comparison and differences. Note the soft pastel colours which are possible to mix with RGBW system. These soft pastel colours contain…

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BTF-LIGHTING Tutorial: K-1000C controller program the SK6812 RGBW led strip

this video will show you how to program the BTF-LIGHTING SK6812 RGBW led strip. Related posts BTF-LIGHTING Tutorial: WS2812B Led strip +K-1000C controller (0) BTF-LIGHTING K-1000C For…

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Write address by K-1000C for DMX RGBW LED neon flex ( IC:UCS512EH)

How to write address by pixel controller K-1000C? Product: DMX RGBW LED neon flex ( IC:UCS512EH) More information contact: Ruby Zhou Mob / Wechat: +86 13650100249 Email/Skype:…

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