pixel led masjid minar lighting show noorani masjid in gooty M5 WS2811

Pixel Led Designs If Any One want (Led Animator : Jabeer ) Contact : 9704919182
Gooty (R.S), Anantapur (Dist)

______All Types Of Pixel Led Designs Available____

This Controllers TS1000__K8000C__T 8000A__
(Format .led)Memory Card.

@__Led Pixel Design in software’s__@

__Road Show
__Thoranam Effects
__Names scrolling Building big Frame Works and Screens
__Photo Frame
__One colour choosing
__Masjid Minar show

(___Decoration Team

Prop : Farook
supervisor : Ali

Technician : Imran
_____________ Asif
_____________ Basha

Contact : 8801223899, 9154767101.__)
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