How to use LEDEdit 2013 software to control programmable pixel lights

This LEDEdit 2013 Software with T-1000S/T-1000AC/T-4000/T-8000 Pixel controller be used together. These controller runs at DC 7.5-24V using an onboard voltage regulator, or can be run off a single DC 5V source if you’re running DC 5V LED strips. Each controller can drive up to 2048 pixels using 256 brightness levels per color (24 bit color). Using the LED Edit 2012/2013/2014 software you can even upload video to be converted and executed across LED strips. Support all the various rules-shape, special shape processing. Also includes a 256MB SD card with preloaded WS2801 WS2811 WS2812B effects to get you started. Off-line use, can most support playing 16 program which store in the SD card. Designed with buttons adjustment, through the buttons on the controller, you can adjust the playback speed and choose the display program. Achieve to save the play list functions. Built-in lightning resistant and ESD protection circuit, ensure the safe and reliable.
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