How to Build an LED Display, #1 Basic Wiring and Setup (WS2801 LEDs)

In this short series, learn how to build an LED display with WS2801 including set up, wire, program using LEDedit2013, and control IC LED strip lights. We DO NOT SELL these lights, this video is for information only. For Flexfire LEDs Lights, please visit:

In this video #1 we start with information on the power supply a 5V 60Amp aluminum chassis power supply, the T1000S controller, SD Card, and WS2801 IC LED strip lights.
-Proper wiring of the power supply, T1000S, and lights is discussed.
-How to defeat voltage drop (dimming of the lights toward the end of the display) by running wire at the end of the strip on the ground channel back to the ground at the controller.

Remember always ground your power supply, work with all components while the power is off, and always unplug the unit when either inserting the sd card or removing the sd card.

If you have questions about the process that I did not cover in the video series please leave your messages in the comments below so we can all learn. The following videos will discuss the programming process and the effects that can be made using LEDedit2013.

Flexfire LEDs’ lights are the brightest and highest quality LED strips in the world. Flexfire LEDs has a top-notch design & support team willing to assist you in your project from design concept to implementation. To contact us, please fill out the form here:
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